Project Management Services

I.  Project Management
Innovest provides the widespread project management services through the entire project cycle including planning, design, contract procurement and administration, cost management, risk management, value engineering, construction supervision and commissioning. The services bundle includes onsite management of the project including quantity estimation & surveying, approving contractors’ bills, and final project sign off. The various services offered by us during project phase are:

a.  Construction Phase Activities

  • Development of tender packages schedule and estimated budget cost thereof
  • Assist Proponent with identification, short listing and engagement of Consultants, if not appointed.
  • Coordinate setting-up the site-office MIS (Management of Information Systems) and sending monthly report to Proponent
  • Procurement of packages (work packages and supply of materials)
  • Provide support for statutory approvals through Contractors
  • Ensure the compliance of the insurance, bank guarantees and other guarantees, retention monies of the Contractors/ suppliers in accordance with the contract
  • Assist with setting-up Cost Planning Time Planning, Change Management and Document Control procedures
  • Monitor project schedule, identify critical activities and measure progress.
  • Monitor timeliness of shop drawing and sample submissions and approvals
  • Review delay requests and prepare delay-impact analysis reports.
  • Verify and Certify Contractor/Vendor bills within the agreed timeline as per the respective construction contracts / material supplies and forward for the approval & release of payment by the Proponent
  • Measure quantities and provide verification of final quantities
  • Assist Proponent in lodging, documentation and recovery of CAR policy related insurance claims
  • Verify Contractor estimates for changes, added & deleted scope
  • Establish and monitor Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Provide quality control and supervision for all trades
  • Assist Proponent with Information, Contract Management and Compliance
  • Manage Health & Safety of construction workers, management staff and authorised visitors to the project site
  • Prepare weekly and monthly status reports, cash-flow reports, budget to actual expenditure comparisons and baseline vs. actual progress.
  • Recommend construction adjustments to meet project schedule and budget requirements.
  • Continue to identify opportunities for value engineering /cost savings and schedule improvement.
  • Assist the Proponent in the Design coordination between Company / Consultants & contractors, including GFC stage
  • Coordinate and maintain records of ‘Corrected GFC’ drawings
  • Assist in resolving technical and administrative issues, disputes or claims
  • Assist Company in enforcing contract rights, including obtaining lien waivers and releases, correction of defects, and enforcement of warranties
  • Maintain an electronic and hard-copy filing system for all documentation and records.
  • Stores administration and management.

b.  Procurement and Tender Coordination

  • Building the appropriate Procurement strategy (works / supply of materials) for the project
  • Facilitate tender process for all work packages & owner supply materials (BOQ, FF&E, pre-construction operating supplies, finishing items) & coordination for temporary hiring of equipments (like Gensets/ Computers / AC / consumables etc)
  • Prepare tender event schedule considering all procurement aspects and items of the project
  • Anchoring the selection process and appointment of vendors / contractors / consultants
  • Coordinate & participate in negotiation meetings for Structural/ Civil/ HVAC/ MEP services contracts, owner supplied materials, FF&E items, operating (pre opening) supply items, prepare rate comparison charts, rate analysis and comprehensive approval notes for Company covering all techno-commercial aspects.
  • Arrange sample approvals through architect and retain approved samples in facility provided by Proponent for future reference while accepting bulk supplies / installation
  • Prepare draft purchase orders/ Work orders/ Service order /Agreements and their amendments and post approval of these Proponent, obtain acceptance by vendors/ contractors/ consultants and Company from their authorized signatories as per formats approved for such documents.
  • Proper indexed house keeping of all tenders, quotes, documents, Purchase Order / agreement, Work Order, QC reports, measurement books and all design & drawings.

c.  Billing Process and Reconciliation

  • Act as the key coordinator between the Proponent and the Contractors for the billing process
  • Review of contract & compliance/ legal documentation of contractor, with regard to billing process and payments
  • Hold joint measurements between the Contractors and the Consultant periodically
  • Periodic Monitoring of construction material consumption and provide necessary documentation on the quantity consumed
  • Certification of the Contractors Running Account (RA) bills and forward to the Proponent for approval and payment
  • Review details of payment approved by the Company for the given month, for the reconciliation for the following month and thereafter
  • Regular Meetings with the Company and contractors on billing & cost related issues

d.  Post Construction Activities

  • Review Architect’s punch list; monitor and coordinate Contractor follow-up and punch list close-out
  • Assist Architect in final inspection and job sign-offs
  • Coordinates testing / commissioning / approval all MEP Services and hand over of all finishes to the Proponent
  • Assist Proponent with final contractual close-out with all Consultants, Contractors and Vendors
  • Coordinate submission of as-built drawings to Proponent
  • Closure of all warranties and guarantees furnished by contractors and suppliers before final payment to the Contractor
  • Prepare final project summary report & Hand-over all documentation to Proponent
  • Assist Proponent in handing over of all works to the appointed Facilities Manager

II.  Quality Review & Audits

  • Setting up quality related Standard Operating Practice (SOPs) – On materials acceptance; lab procedures & documentation, site recording of events, activity sequencing & checks, etc
  • Review the Quality related provisions under construction agreements or material procurement orders, and advise on adequacy
  • Management reporting – with recommendation to bring improvement
  • Fortnightly report on non-compliances observed and action taken
  • Recommendation on matters those require technical or contractual review
  • Identify & shortlist recognized laboratories for the testing of material
  • Organize sampling & testing of all construction materials at site laboratory or recognized laboratories to certify the acceptance
  • Undertake checks at pre-determined milestones during construction and submit NCR
  • Issue work-wise monthly quality certification for billing,
  • Conduct quality related training of the site personnel

III.  Budgeting & Cost Audit

  • Audit the Billing process
  • Audit of Quantities for works completed and in progress
  • Audit of statement of materials
  • Audit of payments made to various contractors / vendors
  • Reconciliation of material
  • Balance budget for completion
  • Compliance of contract agreement and purchase orders