Policy, Planning & Reforms

Innovest has been into advising public sector agencies and other stakeholders in improving the quality of life by coordinated planning, equitable development, improved infrastructure and delivering all this through effective and efficient governance. We help our patrons in putting in right policies, plan, programs and projects with background of in-depth diagnostics of the sector. Our ultimate objective is to transform the policies into actionable programmes and projects that touch lives at grass root level.

Innovest team provides thought leadership and advocacy in areas of policy, planning, governance and reforms with a thrust on sustainable development. It aims to stimulate thought and action for responsible development, in the context of environmental sustainability, as well as propagate good governance, inclusive and equitable development.

The services offering under this practice includes:

I.   Development Planning

  • City Vision Statement
  • Master Plan
  • Landuse Mapping & Planning
  • City Development Strategies
  • Corporate Business Plans for Urban Local Bodies
  • City Investment Plan
  • Town Planning
  • Infrastructure Development Plans.

II.  Redevelopment Initiatives

III. e-Governance

  • e-enablement of processes and records

IV.  Social Sector

  • Public / Stakeholder Participation
  • Capacity Building
  • Slum Rehabilitation and Upgradation Programmes