Advisory & Transactions (A&T)

We offer holistic services to analyse varied class of projects, their dynamics, potential, viability and implementation framework in the broad regulatory & policy environment and market conditions. Our multi functional team is handholding project proponents in the areas of Conceptualization, Feasibility Assessment, Business Plan, Commercial Structuring and Bid Process Management. Drawing strength from project development and commercial structuring, we assist both public sector and corporate group in syndication of funds.

Our team has competence on how to close deal on Win – Win format and we have to our credits many early bird concepts of commercial structure and transaction in the country. Carving out utilities for horizontal infrastructure as a business on commercial format in large Integrated Township, Industrial Park and SEZs is one of our key offerings and strength.

Our service offerings under A&T are segmented as:

I.   Market Research & Feasibility

We deliver market analysis and insights that drive value in decisions and support successful strategies for our clients. Our extensive market coverage, innovative analysis and perceptive forecasting is backed by market knowledge and experienced research team. We help to develop Revenue Model which is realistic and realizable. We carry Financial Analysis to establish base financial indicators taking inputs from the cost and revenue sub streams.

II.  Project Development / Transaction Advisor to Government

These services are offered to handhold in entire value chain of project development & subsequent bid process management stage. Services we offer for such sell side advisory are:

  • Project identification & Go or No Go Analysis
  • Project conceptualization
  • Cost & Revenue Model
  • Feasibility & Scenario building
  • Risk Analysis & Concession Framework
  • Commercial Structure & Implementation Format
  • Term Sheet & Project Concession Agreement
  • Bid Process Management
  • Selection and Negotiation with Selected Developer

III. Project Development / Bid Advisor to Corporate Group
These are buy side services for Developers, Contractors, EPC players, Corporate House, Strategic Investors who are looking for strategic entry or foraying in Infrastructure and or Real Estate Portfolio. Our role is akin to a in-house corporate business development / strategic group assisting key management team in decision making. Key areas of interventions and explorations are:

  • Project Portfolio building
  • Project Scanning and Screening
  • Partner identification
  • Technical Due diligence
  • Review of Revenue Model
  • Financial Analysis
  • Bid Strategy Formulation
  • Bid Preparation
  • Negotiation

For unsolicited routes the handholding support shall be from the very ideation stage of,

  • Project identification / Case Building
  • To MoU signing with Govt
  • To Business Plan & all other activities as aforesaid
  • Privatization Mandate as Transaction Advisor
  • Bid Process manager

IV. Entry Strategy to New Business for Corporate
We recommend on Entry Strategy where we recommend on Strategic plan – opportunities to target / prioritize, Choice of segment, Expected / Suggested evolution of the business in target country, Capability development plan, Alliances required, Short listing of potential partners

V.   Deal Sourcing & Due Diligence

Strategic Investments key determinants starts from thoughtful exhaustive deal sourcing & screening before getting on to due diligence. With our presence in thick & thin in project business and our work association across Govt. agency and developer’s community, the Innovest team’s draws strength in delivering value proposition as,

  • Search & Screening
  • Strategic Partner Search
  • Technical Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Legal vetting
  • Deal structuring
  • Negotiation

VI. Structuring Utility Business

With strong rationale of cost competitive business landscape and tested development formats of standalone infrastructure projects, carving out utilities as business in large, Integrated Township or Industrial Park or SEZs, is one of our key offerings and strength. It emanates from our backward and forward linking of value chain of project development cycle. Our specialized services start from the master planning and infra scheme stage.

  • Commercial dimension to physical planning and Infra design
  • Demand estimation
  • Unbundling & Bundling of Services
  • Project Packaging & Modelling
  • Partner Search Process Management

VII. Partner Search
This area of handholding is transaction management of searching partners and facilitating tie ups for pre-qualification, pre-commitments and strategic support for projects as may either required procurement condition or any other strategic reasons.

VIII. Asset Valuation
M&E of portfolio investment is unsaid demand and we understand and recommend its desirability in making investment decision more prudent and timed exit call, akin to Owner’s Engineer or Lender’s Engineer which is more in practice, Innovest offers strategic support to such investment in terms of M&E during project life cycle and financial control

IX. Debt Syndication & Equity Partner Search

Innovest assists public and corporate enterprises to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including projects, expansions and modernizations. Deep subject understanding stemming from research and advisory, a team well versed with appraisal process and network of funding agencies / players brings to these transactions innovative structuring to assist in quick closure of deals at competitive terms. Services we offer here are:

  • Handholding proponents in decision making with clear analysis of available options including potential funding partners, their appetite and their attitude to credit, pricing and structure
  • Preparation of clear business plan amenable to funding
  • Present market intelligence in relation to the debt markets and equity partners
  • Establishing funds requirements, payback mechanism and possible securitization framework
  • Preparation of Project Information Memorandum (PIM)
  • Convening & anchoring business meeting with potential lending institutions and equity partners
  • Assistance in analysing the options, address the impact of alternative funding routes on the project
  • Handholding during negotiations with lending institutions and equity investors
  • Drafting commercial term sheet
  • Facilitating due diligence process of prospective investment / funding agencies
  • Assistance in drafting of fund sanction agreement
  • Handhold in Negotiation & Signing sanction agreement / debt agreement